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Specializes in designing and implementing IT business solutions to support our Customer in the digital transformation. We have a broad portfolio of services and a proven track record of delivering solutions to highly specialized markets and industries. Pro-Defense’s experience in delivering IT services and IT solutions enables us to provide our Customer with technical expertise, flexibility across multiple technologies and geographies and service consistency.

Are you planning to hire IT services & solutions companies?

A proficient IT services provider company can assist you in reducing expenses by paying for only the services you utilize. Moreover, we can help you scale the IT resources as per your business’ need. With the rising need for IT consulting, it can be difficult to choose the right products out of the several ones in the market. Pro-Defense understands this problem and we are here with you to ease your quest.

Our Mission

Growing as a Best IT Security Company in Indian market. Our mission is to provide best in class security to our customers and building relation with customers and vendors. Fulfill high-end information security need of the organizations by providing best-of-breed consulting services and delivering innovative products. To get recognized as top-ranked information security company.

Our Vision

In an increasingly complex & networked environment we want to help our customer realize their full potential by being their most preferred System Integration partners for IT. Aims to achieve a long‐term and mutually‐beneficial relationship with our customers by meeting their varying and yet distinct technology demands by providing cutting‐edge network and security infrastructure solutions.

Our Objective

Customer loyalty to provide products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty.Profit to achieve sufficient profit to finance our company's growth, create value for our shareholders and provide the resources we need to achieve our other corporate objectives. Growth to view change in the market as an opportunity to use our profits



Endpoint Security Solutions

Our endpoint security products simplify your security administration and you can easily manage endpoint security for your organization.

Gateway Security Solution

At Real It Care, we have gateway security services available for your organization. We offer enhanced protection from the most advanced cyber attacks and online threats

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Outages can result in the loss of productivity, defection of customers and impact the reputation of your business. Minimise disruption to your business and reduce the risk of financial loss.

Network Security Firewall/UTM

Providing multiple security features and services in a single device or service on the network, protecting users from security threats in a simplified way.

SEO, Digital Marketing and Website Development

Small and medium sized businesses wanting a professional and affordable presence online. The frontrunners of a digital marketing agency in India. Get ready to embrace a new brand experience with several avenues of online growth.

Cloud Solutions and Hosting Services

Cloud services offer powerful benefits for SME Customers, from greater productivity and enhanced efficiency to significant cost reductions and simplified IT management. We offers managed cloud hosting services with an email hosting solution

Accounting and Management Software Solutions

We are Leading Providers and Certified Partner of Business Software like Zoho, Tally, QuickBooks, SAGE etc. When it comes to modules, we have the right products to cater to them all, ensuring enhanced management capabilities.

Video Surveillance and CCTV

We professionally install, service, and maintain All types of Survillience Systems. Our clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which is what sets us apart drastically in the industry.

How We Work

Our Team delivers services supporting our clients to have a reliable, agile and intelligent infrastructure and increase their business sustainability. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of needs of our Customers, from on-going infrastructure administration, monitoring and troubleshooting, to network transformation and workplace solutions to ensure the uninterrupted flow of business operations.

Our Portfolio

At Pro-Defense IT we strive to source technologies and develop designs to build solutions for a better tomorrow. Pro-Defense IT designs and builds systems, solutions and Infrastructure that meet the increasing demands of a smarter, safer and Secure IT.

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